Solidifying the DE&I Vision & Values Across your Organisation

Solidifying the DE&I Vision & Values Across your Organisation

28th June, 10:00 AM GMT
How your leaders behave and communicate will determine the DE&I culture of the organisation

Are you fed up with DE&I being just a HR thing? A culture that embraces true diversity and inclusion starts at the top, and isn’t treated as an HR initiative. Commitment from the leaders and managers is essential to guide companies through the culture shift of embracing diversity and inspiring inclusiveness.

Effective leaders listen to encourage diversity of thought; are transparent to build trust; act with humility so that everyone is treated equally and demonstrate kindness so that everyone feels safe at work. In essence, we believe ED&I should be the lifeblood of an organisations culture.

That’s why 10 CHROs will be joining this exclusive online discussion. Facilitated by the experts at Laws of Attraction, the interactive exchange will unpick how the leaders and managers in organisations can become role models; and learn how they can inspire those around them, enabling their fellow figureheads to embrace and embody the DE&I vision and values.

With DE&I being such an important part of any HR and corporate strategy, can you spare just 90 minutes to come and discuss and share ideas on this critical topic?

About Laws of Attraction

Everything we do is centred around enhancing relationships in a way that positively impacts culture and in turn, improves sales, marketing, customer experience and operational growth.  At the heart of this is our award-winning Vibe survey and feedback platform, providing deep, actionable insights into all aspects of your organisation. The reporting insights come with sage advice from our team of experienced industry specialists who consult and coach how to mobilise the findings effectively.

Some of the core features of the Vibe platform are employee engagement surveys, EDI, 360 and HR assessments. All of these tools when combined with our other evidence base research methods help us to diagnoses any opportunity or risk for your organisation.

Bound together by a passion for people and cultural optimisation, our experience spans industries, sectors, geographies, languages and cultures to businesses any size. 


We believe better businesses start with stronger relationships. We’re here for those who feel the same.

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