Digital Transformation

1. Shifting from a Vertical to Horizontal Mind Set: Spotlight on the product to platform pivot
Moderator: Andrea Roero, Chief Digital Officer at Fervo
  • Recognising the limitations of vertical thinking – can horizontal strategies increase opportunity and value for your organisation?
  • Identifying the constraints of a product-based business model – what are the strategic and cultural implications?
  • Encouraging the transformational shift to platforms; Discussing the efficacy of a hybrid model

20+ years’ experiences around the world regarding ICT, Supply Chain and General Management roles, I’ve brought high impact in process and technology innovation to companies. I’ve had the opportunity to build relationships and learn from everyone I’ve met. Married with Antonella, father of my 2 little stars, Margherita and Letizia.

Recently I’ve driven tools and processes renewal, focused on changing working paradigm from reactive to proactive for all Lines of Business involved. Targets to reinforce Support Excellence/Brand image and customer loyalty, contributing in EBIDTA target achievements have been major results.

I’m fully convinced that every person, job and challenge teach us something – always. I think it’s up to each of us to draw the best from each “lesson” – perhaps questioning what was previously considered certain – and then quickly spread the lesson learned to our team through focused, open, and inspiring conversation.

2. Realising Digital Transformation: Aligning your IT & business strategy to meet the digital requirements
Moderator: Damir Jaksic, CIO at KEO International Consultants
  • Exploring the changes required to your business strategy to incorporate digital
  • Successfully aligning your digital strategy with your long and short term business objectives
  • How digital technology can transform the business model of your company, turning your products in services
  • Sharing the digital vision with your team and inspiring and engaging your team to innovate

Damir has spent most of his career in the engineering and construction industry as an IT professional. He has over 20 years of experience in creating value at the intersection of business insight and technology, leading transformation initiatives across Asia-Pacific, USA, UK and the Middle East.  

Damir leads the IT Division in KEO International Consultants, and prior to this appointment he headed up Middle East IT operations in Mott MacDonald, responsible for the IT strategy and service operations. Throughout his various roles, Damir has successfully created environments where staff are able to grow and achieve personal development. His leadership style emphasizes integrity and strong service orientation. A proud father of two daughters and the husband of environmental sustainability aficionado, Damir is a strong advocate of diversity and equal opportunity in the workplace. 

3. Scaling digital transformation & replacing legacy processes
Moderator: Luis Aused López, Chief Technology Officer at Kyndryl
  • Achieving agile transformation at organisational level
  • Replacing and integrating silos to improve scaling of digitalisation
  • Implementing innovation and collaboration as a core process
  • Integrating AI to automate daily processes

IT professional with over 25 years of experience working for IBM in Application Development and Transformation projects replacing Legacy Processes with java technologies, JEE, Web Services, SOA, REST and microservices.

During the last 16 years I had the role of IT Architect in Application Design working in several sectors as Insurance, Travel & Transportation, Government and Banking. I am IT Architect Certified at Senior level and I have the Scrum Master Certification among others.

During 2004 – 2006 years, I had an International Assignment in the IBM Product and Services Support Center in Montpellier (France) in which I have been involved in design and benchmarking projects in Financial Services Sector. I have participated in the publication of several IBM Redbooks in java development, performance and Web Services technologies.

In the last 5 years, I have been focused in the Banking sector working in Digital Transformation Projects as Mobile Payment solutions as Bizum, Instant Transfers for SEPA bank accounts and CoreBanking Transformation to Microservices.

And this September I joined Kyndryl as Chief Technology Officer.


4. Utilising Cloud Computing to Transform your Business and Gain a Competitive Edge
Stephen Khan, CISO Office, Cyber Security and Risk Lead at Department of Health and Social Care
  • Finding the optimal balance between on premise and the cloud
  • Comparing the costs of cloud computing to your current data cost model
  • Improving flexibility, scalability and accessibility with cloud
  • Discussing how cloud computing can assist business continuity throughout political ambiguity

Stephen is an information and cyber security executive practitioner, and international speaker with 20+ years of experience working for global firms across financial services, healthcare, and defense. Stephen has held senior positions at firms including HSBC, RBS, GSK, and Siemens with experience of global regulatory and cyber security frameworks to drive execution and implementation for the management of risks to support business strategies especially as technology and business models are changing at pace.

Stephen is passionate about people and shares his knowledge and experience by coaching and mentoring senior leaders, and young people to achieve their potential. He believes people come into the workplace to do their best work, so leaders need to provide a positive empowered culture allowing teams to thrive and deliver the best outcomes through people, process, and technology.

He contributes to the Cyber Security community as Chairman of Club-CISO advisory board by engaging with 500+ global CISO executives on important matters affecting cyber security and risk leaders and their organisations.

Stephen is chairman of White Hat Events which is a Cyber Security charity supporting the amazing work performed by NSPCC Childline in the protection of vulnerable young people.

Artificial Intelligence

5. Designing a Roadmap for Automation Success; Spotlight on Internal Processes
Moderator: Bhushan Patil, SVP Head of Digital Strategy and Growth - EMEA at Tech Mahindra
  • AI, ML & RPA; Highlighting the worth of Internal vs External development
  • Assessing the existing skillset of your staff – Data Science, Domain Knowledge, Software Development & BI
  • Extracting value from external consultants; Ensuring continued scalable innovation
  • Discussing the potential opportunities within the market only accessible to a highly skilled workforce

Bhushan has recently taken the specially created role to spearhead Digital Growth for EMEA. He heads EMEA Growth Office responsible to grow Digital Revenue across Tech Mahindra’s largest sales region with a mission to deliver on Top 3 CEO priorities – RUN Better, CHANGE Faster and GROW Greater!

In this role, Bhushan will establish Tech Mahindra as Strategic Partner for Digital Technologies – Cloud, Data & Analytics, CX, Security and AI.  He is the Executive Sponsor for Alliances in EMEA to significantly upgrade our engagements and wallet share of partner ecosystem. Finally, Bhushan also holds the M&A responsibilities for EMEA.

Bhushan strongly advocates Sustainable Digital Transformation to deliver both Profit and Purpose and often writes on Sustainability.


6. Becoming a true value innovator - the role of the CIO as a collaborative business partner
Moderator: Vanessa Langhammer, Head of Digitalization (CDO/CIO) & Innovation at Rail Cargo Group
  • Addressing the growing demands of end customers by providing much greater levels of integration, transparency and IT/business collaboration
  • How to start the ongoing dialogue between the business and IT that also drives shared objectives and measurements?
  • How to leverage business relationships throughout the enterprise to expand your scope of responsibilities beyond the IT organisation?

My current position is Head of Digitalization (CIO/CDO). Having defined the 5-year digital transformation strategy for the company, my team and I are now implementing this program with a focus on process & technological redesign of Rail Cargo’s entire business model while safeguarding the continuity of the existing IT landscape as well as allowing for continuous improvement during the transition phase. The key factor is our combined strategic top-down and operational bottom-up approach to get people involved in cross-functional teams in an agile environment. Prior to this role, I held various positions within the Rail Cargo Group related to process management, allowing me to develop a strong perspective on how to improve cross-business unit collaboration. I hold a degree in mechanical engineering and business administration from the RWTH Aachen, Germany and I am an active mentor for women in technical and managerial roles.

Enterprise Architecture

7. Enterprise Architecture to Support Innovation in a Modern Ambidextrous Organisation
Moderator: Tobias Kilga, Head of Corporate Information Technology at MED-EL
  • Getting and staying ahead of the competition in the 21st Century – catching up from behind the curve
  • Pioneering change within organisations optimised for existing profitable and successful business models
  • Delivering capabilities – how can technology drive business value?

Intelligent Data & Analytics

8. Driving our Technology Strategy to Support our Key Data Products
Moderator: Daniel Maestre Martínez, Head of IT Cash (Germany & Asia) at Prosegur
  • Data foundation for Automation – How can we ensure the best quality and availability of actionable data as a foundation to autom ate our processes?
  • Predictive Analytics – How can we best apply Data and Analytics processes to produce added value for internal optimization but also data monetization?
  • Cultural Change around Data Analytics – How can we change people’s perspectives on working with data to boost our capabilities?
  • Organizing effectively – How to bring together commercial, business and technology to accelerate value generation with data?

Successful global IT leader with international experience, Daniel heads the IT development departments for Germany and Asia and drives business and operations with the most innovative software and infrastructure in the cash transport industry worldwide. It provides the environment to take companies to the next operational level and create new business areas and products. 

Enjoys the exciting world of IT, Internet and mobility business, supporting and shaping Startups; and has the experience and opportunity to facilitate and collaborate on the C-Suite International Technology Strategy Roundtables. 

In the last 10 years Daniel has led more than 100 successful international projects in the areas of security, cash, logistics, mobility, cloud, development, cost saving, restructuring and implementation and several international awards and success stories from (Motorola Latam, HSBC México and other internal Prosegur Awards). 

9. Maximising Value from Data: Spotlight on Data Consolidation & Automation
Moderator: Bhagya Reddy, Director of Data Engineering at BT
  • Understanding your data – what do you have & what does it all mean?
  • Discussing how best to obtain and consolidate data from across silos
  • Exploring how data can be analysed and optimised to promote automation
  • Best practice for data – Utilising the newest tools and advances in technology

I am Bhagya Reddy, joined as Director of Data Solutions Engineering at BT 5 months ago working in Consumer & Digital. My responsibility in BT includes hiring and leading a world class data and machine learning engineering and architecture team.
Be part of the Consumer and data strategy and proactively drive the vision for Data Engineering to define and execute on a plan to achieve that vision. Lead the overall architecture and design of BT data platforms and solutions ensuring that they self-reinforce – this includes ensuring we build the right elements and leverage the best available technology from our vendors and group IT in the most effective way while driving a brilliant and consistent customer experience.

Gardening and travelling is my passion. Including diversity in my team is a big theme for me.

10. Building a Data Foundation - Creating products & services to enable a data driven culture
Moderator: Diana Popa, Head of IT at Heineken Romania
  • Understanding data – challenging current models and improving data quality so everyone wins
  • Creating better “new” generation products & services by building partnerships with the business
  • Identifying key areas of focus to drive data based insights and analytics


11. Mitigating Risk During a Global Pandemic - Securing a Remote Workplace
Moderator: Owen John, Senior Enterprise Cybersecurity Architect at Kohler Co.
  • Implications of Coronavirus – opportunities for adversaries & shifting security priorities
  • Key threat factors and security risks of an unsecured working landscape
  • Short term responses; Spotlight on Patching, Multifactor Authentication & Protective DNS
  • Long term adaptations to crisis management plans – ensuring business continuity

Owen is an accomplished Cybersecurity leader with over 20 + years’ experience within a diverse range of industries through both national and global organisations. His background in infrastructure and operations, Enterprise Architecture and Cybersecurity enable Owen to provide a holistic view on people, process and technology and deliver unique insights which contribute significant value and reduce enterprise risk using recognised industry frameworks such as CIS and NIST CSF underpinned by the use of Secure by Design principles.

Owen is currently Senior Enterprise Cybersecurity Architect at Kohler Co., a global leader in Kitchen & Bathroom, Power and Hospitality with a strong sustainability focus and global workforce that embraced remote work and the opportunities that brings.

12. The New Vulnerabilities – Cyber security in the digital transformation era
Moderator: Patric J.M. Versteeg, Global Enterprise CISO
  • New threats demand new protection methods what are they?
  • Going beyond traditional security measures
  • Evolving cyber security hygiene – what needs to be considered?
  • Identifying weak links in security structure

I believe I can make this world a better place through profound information- & cybersecurity management. I challenge traditional information and cybersecurity thinking: I start with “Yes!” 
Through continuous training and education, I am positioned amongst the top specialists in information- and cybersecurity. With an ever-expanding strong peer network and eager to make new contacts I do not limit myself to information- or cybersecurity. My primary interest lies in the field of leadership, organizational behavior and cybersecurity culture. 
I have built and led information- and cybersecurity programs & teams around the globe, leading strategic information and cybersecurity change. With 20+ years of experience in delivering strategic planning, engaging leadership, sharp analysis, and custom solutions, I ensure that businesses stay secure in the ever-changing security landscape. 

13. Developing a robust cloud security strategy - From implementation to maintenance
Moderator: Per Gustavsson, CISO at City of Gothenburg
  • How to combat the challenges that cloud transformation brings?
  • Alternatives to standard market implementation – sharing good and bad experiences.
  • Protection through a security mindset culture – which mechanisms to leverage accordingly
  • Developing a central level of control over a multitude of pathways

Per Gustavsson is the CISO of Intraservice Göteborgs Stad and Affiliated Research Scientist at C4I and Cyber Center George Mason University and Adjunct Senior Lector in Information Security at University of Skövde.

He leads, directs and governs the work at Intraservice to ensure compliance and deliver efficient Privacy, Information and Cyber Security to the city and its 600K citizens, 56K employees, and 50K students. In practice, this means overseeing all aspects of security for the delivery of computers, network, 2500 on-prem servers, outsourced cloud services (e.g., Iaas, Paas, Saas and advanced SaaS) and an open Wi-Fi with 14000 access points. Add to that the demands to use Robot Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, open data, and open APIs.

Per has more than 40 years of experience in the field of IT and Security (First hacked computer was in august 1981) and more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of Privacy, Information and Cyber Security.

Per is Certified CISSP, PMP, Senior Lead Implementer ISO 27001/27001, CDPO. His formal education is a PhD in Engineering Simulation from De Montfort University, MSc in CSc and BSc in CSc from University of Skövde and from the Swedish Air Defense Officer Academy.

14. Strategizing Operational Resilience in the Wake of a Global Pandemic
Moderator: Angelos Varthalitis, CISO at Transdev Netherlands
  • What happened – the good the bad and the ugly – Reviewing the risk management & scenario planning inaccuracies exposed by Covid-19; A brief recap of the last 9 months
  • What can we do to be better prepared in the future generally – Risk management strategies moving forwards; How can we implement multifactor scenario planning in anticipation of multifactor failure?
  • What do we think is going to happen next and what can we do about it – Conceptualising the impact of a second wave
  • What do we think about our people and looking after their mental health and wellbeing through these times – Assessing the implications of maintaining the current set-up

Angelos Varthalitis is the CISO of Transdev Netherlands and a member of the global cybersecurity committee and recognized as a cybersecurity expert. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of IT and Security with hands on working experience in ISO, NEN, PCI, NIST frameworks and Operational Security.

He is consulting think tanks and research companies globally in security policies, and strategic decision making in IT and Cybersecurity.

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