Integrating Agile into your learning management system.

Integrating Agile into your learning management system

27 July 2021
Which are the key changes, and which skills will set the best future leaders apart?
  • The Advancements in Digital Worker Capabilities (AI & Robots) – How do we ensure our Leaders are tech savvy?
  • Collaborative, Agile Working Practices – Which strategies can leaders deploy to ensure they take a hands-on approach?
  • Ethical Leadership & New Business Practises – Which development practises best help leaders to improve their cultural intelligence ethical awareness?
  • Emotional Intelligence & Taking a more ‘Human’ Approach – How can Leaders stay flexible and intuitive enough to embrace change and encourage innovation?
Facilitated by:

Paul Bascish

Chief Executive Officer at Dualversity

CEO, Dualversity – consultancy and training provision mainly for universities
Managing Director, Matic Media Ltd – studies for corporates, government-level and international clients, led the AGILERING study 2018 for a large multi-site content publisher to learn lessons from agile software development
Professor of Practice, University of West Indies Open Campus, responsible for “Summer MOOCs” programme (hosted on Canvas)
Visiting Professor of Online Learning, University of Derby (using Brightspace for internal staff development – and MOOCs)

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