HR Partners’ Day

HR Partners' day

22 September 2021
The Future of Work & the Workplace Post-COVID – Long-Term Strategies for Business Success
  • Benchmarking across Industries – How have you adapted your HR Strategy during the pandemic?
  • Remote Working & Productivity – How has employee productivity been impacted by remote working? Trends & Impacts – What key trends do you see will influence the way we work and our workplace in the future?
  • Employee Value Proposition – How do we preserve / enhance the Employee Value Proposition during and beyond the crisis.
The role of Leadership in Supporting Diversity and Inclusion
  • The approach of different companies and industries in their D&I Strategy – How are you working on Bias and inclusion?
  • What are the behaviours that we should try to avoid?
  • Diversity scorecards – How should we be measuring diversity?
  • Getting ready for ethnicity pay – Is it possible to close the gap and if so, what should we do?
Designing and Creating your Future Proof Strategic Workforce Planning Strategy
  • Short term Operations and Technology – Which Software’s are effective, who should own the Strategyand Process, Medium Term Business Strategy Mapping – Recognizing Talent.
  • Long Term – Automation and Future Technological Trends – Strategies to design your Workforce for the Impact of the future of work.
  • Cost Manegement and Sustainability – How can we implement these throughout the whole process?
Upskilling the Workforce for Digital Transformation and the Future of Work
  • Creating a Digital Workplace – how can we re-design the physical work environment, policies and tools?
  • The role of Technology – How can we be smarter when upskilling the entire organisation on digital skills?
  • Engaging our Workforce – How can we develop a culture of innovation, fast pace and sharing of talent practices.
Resource Management & Leadership – Strategies for undergoing a major organizational shift in priorities
  • Thinking Smart & Prioritizing Effectively – Are all employees well placed to make new processes run smoothly?
  • Working as a Team – The importance of relying on Leaders at all levels whilst working remotely and supporting them in the implementation of new processes.
  • Being a Figure for Change – How, as leaders, can we encourage a transformation in the ways of working to improve. the current organizational design?

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